We are Ravenkop

We view major challenges that cities struggle with as opportunities. We see densification, migration, logistics, vacancy, shrinkage, changing socio-economic profiles, food supply, new work environments and redevelopment as the breeding ground for new urban strategies and concepts. Strategies and concepts that go beyond bricks, and rather speak about the social and economic future of a piece of city and the intricate ecosystems that the spatial domain can facilitate.

Our strategies and concepts start from a combination of social and economic perspectives and are developed at the intersection of different disciplines because urban development goes beyond only real estate development. In our concepts we combine social and economic perspectives and collaborate at the intersection of different disciplines to enable urban development that goes beyond only real estate development. Within Ravenkop we bring extensive experience in urban development together with strategic focus from strategy consulting, supplemented by a diverse network within and outside the real estate sector for a multidisciplinary perspective.

We believe in a solid foundation. We therefore reduce matter to the core after which we creatively construct holistic, clear and well-founded strategies and concepts. We translate these strategies and concepts into workable implementation agendas that can be deployed from an organizational and real estate development perspective.

The complexity of urban issues is our home turf; we work the full scope of scale levels ranging from regional to ground level. We develop our own concepts, provide advice, temporarily strengthen a team or transform an idea that has not yet flourished into a clear concept with a deliberate strategy.